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Mar 4, 2011

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA Pampanga Satellite Office) Delays Release of Passports

What I find disturbing about the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is that they allow you to pay for a rush passport and then not release it on the specified date.

Worse, people from the said agency did not even bother notifying the concerned applicants prior to the scheduled release date. What are the contact details in the application form for?

I probably am the least affected because I only need my renewed passport for the purpose of booking a flight for a trip that’s scheduled one month from now. Added to the fact that my mom, whom I authorized to claim my passport, lives very near the satellite office of DFA in Pampanga.

However, I am more concerned about applicants who came all the way from Zambales, Nueva Ecija, or Tarlac just to find out that they all went there for nothing. I'm sure some even had to save money for their transportation to Pampanga.

And what about those applicants who were supposed to leave the day after their passports’ scheduled release? I guess they were all left helpless.

Perhaps DFA needs to remember that even the slightest attempt of customer service, like notifying the applicants of the problem, can go a long, long way.

If you have problems similar to this, please call DFA Pampanga's Hotline 4552470 or 4552475 for clarification.


Anonymous said...

It sucks, my wife's passport still not available 'till now, she paid P1,200 @ 14 days processing and its already 21 days now. worse is she even paid 120 pesos for LBC delivery but tracking number still not found 'till now... What's happening inside DFA? We are not getting what we've paid for... DFA sucks!!!!

LuiShe said...

If your wife renewed her passport in Pampanga, call 4552470/4552475. Line's always busy though.

I'm usually very patient, but this just annoys me more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Louie,

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Would like to ask what is the process for passport renewal in DFA Pampanga? Do they require online scheduling too (if so, I can't find a way to do so aside from the main website where the schedule will be in Manila main branch) or you can just go to the San Fernando branch directly and wait in line?

How long will someone have to wait in line before being accommodated by DFA Pampanga? Also, can you please give some directions on how to go to DFA Pampanga coming from NLEX Pulilan exit? Thanks a lot in advanced!

LuiShe said...


You're welcome.

To set an appointment, just go to DFA San Fernando with your old passport. You will be asked to fill out a form. No need to bring your passport-size photo.

If you come in early, you'd have to wait in line for about an hour to get an appointment. Most likely, your schedule will be two weeks from the day you got the appointment.

Then you just have to come back on the date and time specified. The renewal process itself will take 1 to 1.5 hours.

Fron NLEX Pulilan Exit, drive up north to San Fernando Exit, turn right after the tollgate. Go straight ahead, then you'll reach a flyover.

Take the flyover then drive straight again until you reach an intersection. Turn left and DFA's right about there.

LuiShe said...

UPDATE: Finally, after a 3-week delay, my passport has been released. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi a am coming back home and will try to renew my children passport(green)in philippines while my kids are staying here in the us.Will personal apperance still required?(all minor) I have all the supporting documents. I live close to DFA clarkfeild location,is it ok to just walk-in? I did not see an option of online appt.only manila locations.
Will it be best to pay for regular rather than rush?

Anonymous said...


Can Manila residents have their passports renewed there?

We have booked a flight in June because we mistakenly thought that, with the new system, we have enough time to have our passport renewed (our flight is 2 and a half months away) but it turned out that the earliest available schedule in DFA Manila is on the last week of May.



LuiShe said...

Hi April, yes you can opt to renew your passport there. Set an appointment immediately. If lucky, you might still get an April appointment.

LuiShe said...

Due to recently-amended procedures, parents are required to bring their kids with them on the day of their appointment so they could have their pictures taken directly by the DFA officer (inside the DFA premises).

I'm not sure if special procedures apply in your case.

You can walk-in to set an appointment. You can do this step for your kids.

Then you have to come back on the specified date and time of appointment for the renewal procedure itself. But as I've mentioned, I'm not sure if they'd allow you to renew your kids' passports without personal appearance.

LuiShe said...

For more info, contact DFA Manila:

Telephone: (632) 8344000

Anonymous said...

need help.what is the official website of DFA pampanga?

LuiShe said...

It's http://www.dfa.gov.ph/, which appears to be not available as of the moment...

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