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October 9, 2009

DFA Requirements: Applying for Philippine Passport for Baby

We brought our baby with us to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Satellite Office in Clarkfield, Pampanga to submit her application for Philippine Passport as she will be needing this if ever we decide to bring her along on our trip to Singapore next month. She didn’t have to come to DFA though since she’s a minor.

The procedure was relatively easy, especially because we had the complete requirements with us. We know how strict DFA is when it comes to the passport size picture, so we made sure her pictures were up to standard
. We submitted three pictures, one glued to the application form that we secured from the office, and the other two enclosed in a plastic pouch and stapled to the form.

After filling up the form correctly, we were ushered to the waiting area armed with the other requirements: our Philippine Passports and photocopies; baby’s NSO Birth Certificate, and our Marriage Certificate. We passed through all stations without any problem, and paid 750 pesos to expedite the process. We will be able to claim her passport in two (2) weeks, as opposed to the regular processing period of one (1) month if we paid only 500 pesos.


Anonymous said...

hi can i asked what requirements you submit? im applying also for my 5 moths old baby but we are not married should i take a photo copy of my bf passport?and what requirement i should prepare beside of birthcertificate(NSO)?

i will appreciate your responce thank you:-)

LuiShe said...


Due to recently-amended procedures, you have to bring your baby with you on the day of your appointment to have his/her picture taken directly by the DFA officer (inside the DFA premises).

You have to bring your original Philippine passport and photocopy, baby’s NSO Birth Certificate, and of course, the filled-out application form.

Your boyfriend's passport is not required since your baby uses your surname, right?

LuiShe said...

Note that fees have also changed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this useful post. I'd like to ask if baby is required to wear collared attire for the picture taking?

LuiShe said...

I'm not sure if they require it now, but to be sure, have her wear one so it won't be too much of a hassle if it's required. Thanks for the visit!

GaMeGurL said...

hi. i would like to apply for my baby's passport however im not yet legally separated with my husband and the baby's surname was followed after my bf's last name. would there be any problems applying for the passport? thanks

LuiShe said...

Hi, I believe you have a document wherein your boyfriend agreed to let your baby use his surname. DFA might need that for your application.

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